Axion Financial Group to Review Cypriot Market

axion-videoAxion Financial Group was recently invited to the Feburary 2015 Cyprus Investment Summit, hosted by the president of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades. Axion Financial is currently looking at potential private investment opportunities in the Cypriot market.

Axion founder and co-managing partner Antonios Kypreos and fiance shown (left) at 2015 Cyprus Investment Summit.


Antonios Kypreos Quoted on Who Trades


High Frequency Trading is the term used to describe the process where computers are used to automatically and rapidly trade securities based on a pre-configured algorithm. recently published a blog post titled Weighing in on HFT: The Flash Boys are here to stay in which they quoted Axion founder and co-managing partner Antonios Kypreos on his thoughts in regard to high frequency trading. Click Here to read the original post.

Antonios Kypreos Featured in The Single Family Office

The Single Family OfficeAntonios Kypreos, founder and co-managing partner of Axion Financial Group is featured in Richard C. Wilson’s new book The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating & Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office.

In his book, Wilson presents transparent case studies, offers best practices, and outlines common mistakes to avoid when running a single family office. You can order a copy of The Single Family Office here on