Today we are living in all senses of the phrase in a “globalized society”. Business has never been more international than it is now: with the internet, the ease and low cost of communications, transportation and language barriers being less of an obstacle now than probably any time in world history.

Think about all of the relatively new technologies that 20-30 years ago were unimaginable. Take Skype for example, where calls are free amongst 2 Skype users no matter where in the world the two parties are located.
In the 1980’s international calls were very expensive and only done out of necessity and for short periods. Take the internet in general, which allows us to find information about any part of the world in any language we want at any time of the day. Take international flights, which are much cheaper on a comparative wage scale to what they were in the 1980s.

All of these things are just a few examples of the daily applicable applications that change our daily life as global citizens.

Just something I often think about from time to time.